About Us

Welcome to Arthur Murray Franchised Dance Studios / London - UK

Welcome to Arthur Murray UK, we are so are pleased to make your acquaintance as the British conglomerate of the remarkable Arthur Murray franchised studios brand, with a fantastic site based in our capital city; London Baker Street.

Arthur Murray began teaching Ballroom and Latin dance in America in 1912.
He brought Ballroom and Latin dancing to the masses when he taught the whole of America in a National television programme, called “The Arthur Murray Party” that ran for ten years from 1950-1960. After this time the Arthur Murray brand was franchised which broadened its reach to a greater global audience.

Presently, in the 107th year, The Arthur Murray Dance Studios can be found in around 300 locations across the globe, from right here in London all the way to Australia, providing a global dance network for all members, where dancing has long been considered the fun loving alternative to more traditional exercise as a method of contributing to a healthy emotional and physical body.

Arthur Murray Studios have taught over 45 million students to dance globally, including; The Roosevelts, The Clintons, Patrick Swazey to prepare for Dirt Dancing, Al Pacino, to prepare for the film ‘Scent of a woman’ andvarious other actors for movie preparation in Ballroom dance including; Clint Eastwood, John Travolta, Richard Gere, Madonna and Michael Douglas.

Arthur Murray Studios were also the sponsors of the following movies: Strictly Ballroom, Shall we Dance and Dirty Dancing.


Beginners at Dance

We understand that beginners might feel shy or intimidated when trying out new steps and routines; therefore, we focus on helping our beginners find their rhythm while learning the basic skills to move to music. Beginners will learn how to do a box step and maintain posture in an enjoyable way. They will also learn how to transfer weight from heel to toe in a graceful manner.

Certificates and Medals

Upon the completion of each level, students receive an official certificate and medal as such: Bronze, Silver, Gold & Gold Bar.

About our London Studios

Our amazing Ballroom and Latin dance teachers here in the UK provide our Arthur Murray students with the best most prestigious professional care and attention to their dancing journey. Our teachers lead and nurture students into their dancing, providing a school of excellence, in fitting, of course, with the Arthur Murray, globally renowned methods, which have been successfully teaching students for 107 years.

Another great bonus of being an Arthur Murray student, is that it brings you into a family, an Arthur Murray global community and with over 300 sites worldwide, any London student will have a home from home once they are part of our network.

So if you would like to learn how to dance in a way in which you will never forget.
If you would like to improve and build your confidence, self-esteem, poise and grace.
If you would like to build a community of like-minded people who genuinely care, then this is the dancing school for you!

Whether you are a beginner looking to learn some dance steps for fun, or a professional looking to further sculpt your talent our dance studios are the place for you. As a franchise of Arthur Murray International dance studios, we aim to provide all of our students with state of the art dancing education and techniques enabling them to reach their dance goals.

Our professional studios provide a motivating environment for our students to thrive in. Our professional staff of dance instructors is there to assist our students with all that they need while on their dance journey.