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Arthur Murray students shine bright, at Churchill’s Ballroom Blitz.


A sensational time was had by all at the 2019 Arthur Murray Dance Studios, London Combined Showcase. Where tango tantilized, Cha Cha Charmed and rumba romanced, in this all day extravaganza of Ballroom and Latin Dance.

They say life isn’t about the final destination, it’s the journey that counts and the same goes for dancing. Each step learned, each posture mastered, each and every minute of practice is what takes us closer to the perfect performance. But although we are all aware that the experience of learning to dance is the true gift achieved at any stage, the milestone of showcasing how far we’ve come, can too be a marvellous addition to the overall journey into dancing.

With this in mind, Arthur Murray students experienced a milestone such as this, on a Saturday in October, this weekend past. At an event which has quick-stepped into its’ eleventh year, the Arthur Murray London Showcase event, was a day of triumph and celebration in the midst of each students life-long commitment to dancing.

Arthur Murray London Ballroom Dance tuition. Students of ballroom dance gather together at this amazing ballroom and Latin dance showcase event at The Churchill Hotel London.

Every student no matter the length of time spent learning their skills, were marvelled at and celebrated when over 100 dancers graced the ballroom floor, in a dazzling display of American Rhythm and Smooth. Across discipline competitions and sensational solo performances, dancers wowed judges and spectators alike at The Hyatt Regency, Churchill Hotel in London’s famous Portman Square.

Showcasing the terrific talents of students from Arthur Murray’s three London studios, the combined event was also extremely proud to play host to Arthur Murray students and teachers from Kiev and Italy, demonstrating how the community of Arthur Murray spans an international appeal.

Over the course of the day, or more specifically, twelve hours, students waltzed, hustled, merengued and tangoed under the watchful eye of the even broader international Arthur Murray offering, from the adjudicators – Victoria Regan, Daniele Gallaro, Kimberly Taylor, Olga Struk, Victoria Brown and of course the Master of Ceremony; Rio El Asir, who heads up the London Arthur Murray conglomerate.

This bonanza, ballroom, blitz continued throughout the day and into an evening affair, with the most extraordinary demonstration of talent and skills that had been practiced and polished in each dance discipline.

Some students were seasoned in their years of practice, while others were only a few months into their lessons learned. There were ages ranges from 11 to 92, but no matter length of service in life or to the learning of ballroom dance, each student shone out brightly as their hard work paid off, demonstrated in precise sequences, stupendous styling and fabulous footwork that, in all honestly, was strictly striking at every spin.

So with another year under the Arthur Murray London belt, the glory of the 2019 showcase shines bright in the memory of an amazing event. However, it was clear for all to see that the self-discipline, dedication and value achieved from each and every person’s commitment to learning to dance, was the gold medal that truly shone out the brightest, in this annual celebration of dance.

“Focus on the journey, not the destination. Joy is found not in finishing an activity but in doing it.” – Greg Anderson

If you would like to learn to dance, now is the time! Arthur Murray are the experts, we have been in business for 107 years of course and have taught millions of people worldwide to dance. We are here as a community and teaching students to become stylish dancers for life in Latin and Ballroom is our passion. Telephone numbers are at the top of the page. We can’t wait to hear from you.

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