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As Valentines Day approaches, the sights and sounds of love, are definitely in the air. But for those of you in relationships, I’m sure you couldn’t agree more, that they do take work to maintain the spice and romance felt in the first few magical weeks. 

With this in mind there is one thing that can be achieved as a couple, which has long been proven to support the maintenance of lifelong love-lust between a couple and what is that we hear you cry……Dancing of course!

Dance involves a physical connection. The contact causes the release of hormones such as oxytocin which is known to help you feel love and connection with others. Not only that, but through dance, you have to coordinate with your partner. When you use your body language in this way, you’ll both feel much more emotionally attuned.

According to the expert teachers of Arthur Murray Dance studios; 

Dance offers the perfect set of conditions to bring couples close together again. Dancing is a flirtatious, sexy, fun, and an exciting activity that can bring some of that honeymoon stage energy back to the relationship. Your heart beats faster, your palms might sweat, and the beat of the music lifts your spirit. Experiencing this with your partner offers you the chance to fall in love all over again, whether your relationship is on the rocks or not.

As well as its ability to spark once more the reminiscent feelings of fancy between a couple, dance is also able to help couples ignite new feelings of excitement, helping to eliminate the destructive tendencies of sameness and boredom. Because, let’s face it, the stress of everyday life may shatter the strongest love and it can be normal for couples to get into a boring routine. Because of this, both people must be committed to nurturing fresh ways to keep their love dynamic and alive and dance can be the perfect solution.

With dancing, your body doesn’t just move, you have the chance to focus fully on your partner. With changing beats and moving feet, you’re constantly challenged to think of the next step and do it together, working as a team 

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Dancing together provides a great bonding experience for people of all ages and skill levels, helping people to communicate better, improve physical prowess and spark the eruption of hormones such as Dopamine which is the reward hormone. Dopamine is released in the brain anytime we experience a pleasurable moment, as well as when we anticipate or remember them. Music also increases dopamine levels, which is also released by spontaneous body movements like dancing. Therefore when the influx of Dopamine is experienced in each others presence, a couple associates those wonderful feelings with each other, in each others embrace, sharing joy and fun together. 

So if you want to rejuvenate your relationship and inject some much needed romance back into the mix, couples dance classes with Arthur Murray London Studios are the perfect place to get started with your very own dance therapy. 

If you would like to give the gift of dance this Valentines day and learn to dance with your partner, now is the time! Arthur Murray are the experts, we have been in business for 107 years of course and have taught millions of couples worldwide to dance. Contact your chosen studio today or click the link to access our special Valentines offer.