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As the Covid-19 Pandemic swept across the world, the ballrooms of Arthur Murray’s London Dance Studios, where Waltzes once swept, came to a sudden halt. The glistening floors were no longer filled with fabulous foxtrots or scintillating sambas, just stillness and silence as the world came to a standstill.

But even in these troubling times, our shared love of dance shone like a beacon of hope into the homes of students and teachers alike. With all of the passion of an Argentinian Tango and gregarious stamina of a Jive, the tremendous Arthur Murray London team persevered, providing ongoing, online opportunities for students to continue their tuition throughout lockdown.

But as the sun set on nearly the fifth month, it rose again into an August of promise, when we saw the reopening of the three Arthur Murray Dance Studios in London.

That’s right, after 4.5 months of social distancing and home isolation, our teachers and staff were able to welcome students back for personal lessons with open, albeit socially distanced arms.

And here’s what some of our fabulous students had to say about how they felt their first socially distanced, Ballroom dancing lessons went…

It was a comfortable, gentle and pleasant experience to step into the studio – rather like a new beginning without the anxiety! As I made my way up the stairs it was a relief to see quite a few familiar faces… A new opening and the familiar beautiful space was still there!

My teacher started me off with the core basics which felt vital after such a long absence from dancing. The encounter brought back the feelings of desire to reclaim the joys of dancing but also the difficulties and challenges in store – I look forward to this new journey. I think we started off on a good foot. A good sign for the future!

Thank you Arthur Murray, it’s lovely to be back!

It was amazing being back!

Throughout the month of August the excitement continues as we quickstep our way through the week with even more of our students booking in for personal lessons, eager to get their magical momentum back, like the rhythm of a Rumba.

We are so excited to see many more of you return and say a warm welcome to new students alike. So whether old faces or new, everyone can now return to the place where learning Ballroom and Latin Dance can be achieved, at the most magical place to learn it – The Arthur Murray Dance Studios in London!

Access to the studio is being arranged by appointment only, this is to avoid crowding and to stay safe as we exit out of the lockdown period.

But wait, what about group classes…?

Although studio based group classes will be reintroduced at a later date, you can still access the fantastic timetable of online group class activities we have available for you, for the forceable future,

So now you know we are back in Ballroom busyness we cannot wait to see you all soon. Get in touch with your studio now to book your first personal lesson back!

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Wishing you continued good health.

All the best from The Arthur Murray London Team. 



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