Quick-Stepping into Health, Wealth & Happiness.

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We at Arthur Murray London hope that when you read this latest blog post you are keeping well and in positive spirits, just as we are. In fact, our spirits have been lifted even higher this past week, via the blessing of gratitude we have felt. Our gratitude is down to the continued support and dedication to our community that all of the fantastic Arthur Murray London students have demonstrated pre, during and as we slowly exit out of lockdown.

We have genuinely appreciated the continued positivity and support, but also acknowledge how important dancing has been , not only to us, but to the students as well. If we didn’t know it before, we certainly do now, the true secret to happiness is health and the truest form of wealth is good health. 

Now achieving your best health could be an all together exhausting task, taking you on a splintered path into brain training activities, exercise regimes and spiritual explorations. That is, unless you have the secret to finding it all in one place….DANCE!

As Doctor Peter Lovatt, renowned psychologist and dancer furthers in his research on the many health benefits of dancing shared with the world in his excellent Ted Talk:

So you see, dancing gifts us with so much more than just the attributes physical exercise provides. The joy that fills our hearts when we move, the freedom our souls feel when we are immersed in music and song and the self worth that fills us up when we achieve and continue to develop and grow.

This variety of positive fulfilment found in one place cannot be matched and reinforces that dancing is not just a hobby or pastime activity. Dancing surely is, the most incredible gift of health we can bestow upon ourselves and one worth investing in because….

“There are shortcuts to happiness and dancing is one of them!”

Special thanks to all the students who kept supporting the studio and our professional teachers, during these challenging times. We are extremely grateful. 

Dancing is a positive healthy natural exercise  Good for your body, heart and mind. So you should….


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